Warning: Explicit Content - AK-ZIL 2017

Warning: Explicit Content - AK-ZIL

HD 4.3 85 minutes
A woman is kidnapped by a masked man. She was then taken somewhere no one can ever find her not even her family, friends or the police. For years this masked man had been sexually assaulting her but has shown her kindness after the assault. When she misbehaves he punishes her in bdsm style. She got so use to it she doesn't know that it's bet more than six years that has passed. Then one day when the masked man made a mistake she took her chance and escaped. When someone found her woundering around the street she felt relieved that she was with her family and friends. Feeling safe in her own home again.
Genre: Crime, Horror
Released: 2017-05-19
Director: Hanjo Le

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